Mechanical | Electrical Engineering


In the field of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering the firm has been involved in the design and supervision of the following:

  1. Power generation controls and instruction
  2. High voltage transmission and distribution network
  3. Urban and rural recitation of power lines.
  4. HV Transformer stations and sub-stations.
  5. UPS power supplies, Data & Voice generation and transmission, and Telecommunication.
  6. Power supply engineering services for medium and high rise buildings.
  7. Industrial, commercial and residential layout power engineering.
  8. Power plant engineering.
  9. Central air-conditioning systems for industrial and commercial centers.
  10. Infrastructure provision and urban transportation systems.
  11. Solid waste collection and disposal, sewage systems.

In these areas, the firm offers:

(i)             Pre-feasibility and investment studies, which involves data collection, environmental assessment, socio-economical impact to the community.

(ii)           Feasibility and Project preparation – reconnaissance and preliminary survey on existing infrastructures.  Preliminary Designs and cost estimation.  Economic viability of the project.

(iii)          Detail engineering design and preparation of bid documents and contract documentation.

(iv)          Construction supervision, Project Management and cost control.

(v)           Maintenance Schedule and Cost Recovery Mechanism.


The firm has the capacity of taking any design project from the preliminary design stage to completion of construction. Our in house personnel encompass the engineering and the monitoring of construction.