Summertime Industry

Summertime Industry is the technological ambiance that houses our  Civil/Structural Engineering.  

We have been  involved in the design construction and supervision of:

  1. Roads and Drainage Systems
  2. Highways & Bridges
  3. Sewage and Solid Waste Management Systems
  4. Transportation Planning
  5. Water Supply Systems
  6. Irrigation, and River Basin Development
  7. River and Erosion Control
  8. Harbours and Sea works


in these areas the firm offers.

  1. Feasibility/Pre-investment Studies- from Topography to Soil investigation, Hydrology, Traffic Data, Economic Evaluation Environmental Assessment.
  2. Detailed \engineering design involving road alignment. Earth works design, surface water Drainage, pavement design, Bridge design.

iii.            Preparation of Bid Document, Contact Documentation, and

  1. Construction Supervision, Project Management and Cost Control.